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The Staff

Head of Nursery

Pamela Gordon-Smith, Montessori Diploma 3-6 (AMI), Montessori Diploma 0-3 (AMI).
Pamela trained at the level 0-3 Montessori Assistants to Infancy (under Judith Orion) at the Maria Montessori Institute and 3-6 Montessori Directress (under Maria Roth) at the Maria Montessori Institute Prague.

Pam did her teaching practice and observations at the  Montessori Internationales Ausbildungszentrum e.V. in Munich, and Internationale Montessori Einrichtungen Dortmund mbH” (ime-do) - Barbara House, Dortmund - Germany. 

Pamela is co-founder of the nursery school and is head of the Children's House for children aged 3 - 5 years. Pamela manages the nursery school and the admissions process.

School Office
(T) 01223 342572    Email: office@montessoricambridge.co.uk


Max Gordon-Smith is co-founder of the nursery school.

Guides and Assistants 

Children's House

Rodrigo Morales Cambridge Montessori
Rodrigo Lopez Montessori 3 - 6 Assistant Certificate (AMI). Rodrigo trained as Montessori Assistant, 3-6 course (under Cheryl Ferreira 2016) at the Maria Montessori Institute in London. Rodrigo did his teaching practice and observations at the Smiths Children Montessori Nursery School in Cambridge.

Rodrigo has more than 4 years as a teacher of Physical Education in Madrid (Spain) and Cambridge. He also speaks Spanish, Italian and English. He has a teacher training Degree in Physical Education, Spanish Teacher as a foreign language and Master in Protocol Sport Events.

Rodrigo is currently studying for the Montessori Diploma 3-6 (AMI) under Maria Roth in Munich,Germany.

Pedro Pereira has a degree in early years education and a masters in pedagogy. He has 7 years teaching experience working in England and Portugal. Pedro has a 1st aid certificate and a certificate in child protection. He speaks native Portugese and Spanish. Pedro is also a designated deputy manager of the nursery school and room leader of the children’s house.

Alexandra Manolache, Cambridge Montessori
Alexandra Manolache
Alex currently teaches children from age 3 in our Children's House.

Infant Community

Rochelle Cutler Montessori Diploma 3-6 (AMI), Montessori Diploma 0-3 (AMI). Rochelle trained as Montessori     Assistant to Infancy 0-3 (under Judith Orion, 2014) and Montessori Directress 3-6 (under Lynne Lawrence, 2004), both at the Maria Montessori Institute in London.

Rochelle taught in Montessori schools from 2004-2006 and set up I Can Do It Montessori in 2010 – providing baby and toddler groups, parenting workshops, home support and family mentoring services. She has been featured by influential Montessori sources including Baan Dek Montessori in the USA and How We Montessori in Australia, and is well-respected within the UK Montessori community.

Rochelle has over 20 years’ experience as a nanny for children from 2 months to 17 years. She has also been trained in classical music, paediatric first aid and food hygiene. 

Rochelle is the Head of Nido and Infant Community at Cambridge Montessori School.

She also runs Parent Workshops.   

(T) 01223 342572 Email: office@montessoricambridge.co.uk

Veronica De Tone Cambridge Montessori
Veronica De Tone 
Assistant Montessori Certificate 3-6 (AMI).
Veronica trained as Montessori Assistant, 3-6 course (under Cheryl Ferreira 2016) at the Maria Montessori Institute in London. Veronica did her teaching practice and observations at the Smiths Children Montessori Nursery School in Cambridge.
Veronica has more than 15 years as a professional dancer. She has experience teaching Latin dance, creative dance in Madrid (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal) and London (UK). She also speaks Spanish, Portuguese and English. She is currently undertaking her Level 3 certificate in Early Years.

Paul Adolph

Candice Belacar, Montessori Diploma 3-6 (AMI).
Candice worked at the Modderfontein Montessori school in South Africa where she taught children aged 2 to 6 years until the end of 2016 when she and her husband moved to England.

Marion Erra, Cambridge Montessori
Marion Erra
holds an early years teaching certificate and has worked as a teaching assistant and a social workerwithchildren with additional needs. Marion speaks French, English and Spanish. She is also paediatric 1st aid trained.
Marion currently teaches children from age 2 in our Infant Community.


Judy Desta
has been teaching early year’s children for over 13 years in both Ethiopia and England. She also has a degree in Marketing and speaks Amaric and English fluently. Judy currently teaches in our Nido environment and is experienced teaching children age birth to 4.

Laura Cagigas
Laura Cagigas

Barbara Garcia Herraez, Degree in Education.
Barbara is originally from Spain and moved to Cambridge  in 2013. She studied her bachelor degree in Education Studies at the University of Salamanca (Spain). She also has a certificate in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. She speaks English and Portuguese.
Barbara has also trained in Basic Child Protection, Safeguarding Children, Food Hygiene and Paediatric First Aid .


Maurillio Vargas Vargas, Cambridge Montessori
Maurillio Vargas

Mauri is an experienced chef with 14 years experience working for different London restaurants. He holds a degree in International Chef Cookery from the Westminster Kingsway University of London. Mauri speaks Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese.

"Our catering menu's aim to provide children with a varied culinary experience that reflect the diversity of the nursery community".

Designated roles for each staff member:

Each staff member has specific responsibilities to ensure all the children are cared for and each individual is supported as much as they need:

Rochelle is the lead teacher and gives individual lessons to all the children, as well as gathering small groups together for songs, poems, stories and language games. Our assistant teachers have extra responsibilities: guiding the children to resolve challenges independently, holding small groups for songs and games, supporting toilet learning, supervising mealtimes and creating purposeful outdoor play activities.

All of our teachers take great care to ensure our classroom spaces are clean and welcoming. We plan and write daily observations for all the children, with notes about each child’s work and interests, plus detailed observations of two children every week. Rochelle will be happy to talk about your child’s observations at any convenient time; please feel free to contact the office to book a timeslot for a telephone chat or email any time.

Basic Montessori Principles

We have a few basic principles that ensure everyone is safe and can feel confident in their work.

1. Our staff will intervene if something is hurtful, harmful or dangerous. If not, we will observe to see if the children can resolve it by themselves.
2. The adults are role models for behaviour, language and how to use the activities.
3. The children are free to choose one activity at a time and use it for as long as they like without interruptions by other people.
4. We help the children learn how to complete a whole cycle of activity (choose work, use it and replace it on the shelf for the next person).
5. Our staff make time to carefully observe each child’s individual interests so we can tailor activities to suit their current stage of development.