Arts and Craft


Prepare a tray, waterproof mat, wipes or bowl for washing hands afterwards. Keep a selection of colourful papers, crayons, pencils or felt tips out in a pencil case or a small pot so they stay organised.

Activities could include:

  • Tearing strips of paper using pincer grip fingers

  • Cutting thin strips of paper with scissors for collage materials later

  • Cutting drawn on lines and around shapes and pictures (older children)

  • Homemade playdough

  • Chalk, paint, drawing – a few on a tray, small bowl to keep bits in, mat or board for working on

  • Threading: small bowl of penne or macaroni pasta, string with knot at the end

  • Simple flowers: print, colour in and cut out a circle with petals or make it as elaborate as you can like

  • Use wood scraps, legos, felt and yarn pieces for collages

  • Sew, knit, crochet

  • Try origami

  • Paint with poster paints, chalk mixed with water, watercolours, oils, food colouring in water

  • Compose music

  • Make up stories and / or write stories

  • Make puppets

  • Write a puppet play (or any play), perform a reader’s theatre after building the sets

Art Ideas, Books

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Tracing shadows

(A lovely idea to try at home)