Children start their Montessori journey from 6 months to age 5. Children enter the nursery at different times throughout the year and transition through to the next room environments on their 2nd and 3rd birthdays. Each of our environments are designed to nurture and support each child's developmental, learning and care needs.

The nursery has 3 main entry points, they are; 

Nido (Nest) Environment: Children are admitted from 6 months to 23.

Infant Community: Children are admitted from 24 months to 35 months.

Children's House: Children are admitted from 36 months to age 5.

Tour Dates

If you would like to visit the setting, please call us 01223 352472 or email Please remember to complete the enquiry form before your visit, thank you. 

To ensure the safety of children and staff we arrange tours by appointment only. This enables us to plan our staffing so that we can focus on the children in attendance.

Virtual Tour's

Join us for a brief presentation explaining our Montessori method, followed by a virtual tour of the nursery.

Please contact us to arrange a virtual tour  / Tel: 01223 352472

Our virtual tours take place using the zoom app. You will need to register and download the app to join our tours. A tour invitation will be sent to you once you have registered for a visit.

Zoom/signin / Download Zoom


To register your son or daughter for a nursery place, please download the registration form below for completion:

Please note that registration of your child (including payment of the Registration Fee) does not guarantee a place but it registers your interest in Cambridge Montessori.

Please read carefully our Terms and Conditions; for additional help and support, please refer to our Admissions Guidance. Our policies explain how the school operates and provides detailed information for parents at the admissions stage. 

A comprehensive list of our policies can be viewed here.

You can either send your completed registration form by email to

Or send it by post to:


Cambridge Montessori Nursery School

73a Tenison Road



Please remember to sign and date the registration form prior to sending. We will contact you soon after receiving your registration form in order to complete the registration process.

We welcome visits to the nursery, please call to arrange your visit and we will be pleased to provide you with a guided tour and answer your questions.

Please refer to the links provided below for further information, alternatively you may contact our office directly, ( or T. 01223 352472)

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