About Us

Cambridge Montessori is an independent nursery school located in the heart of the historic city of Cambridge, England. The nursery school provides early years Montessori education and care for children aged 6 months to 5 years of age.

The nursery is conveniently located 7 minutes walk from the Cambridge train station and situated between Hills Road and Mill Road. We are a bicycle friendly nursery and have plenty of space for parents to park their bicycles and trailers throughout the day. Car parking however is not readily available therefore if absolutely required our Smiths Children Montessori nursery might be a better fit with lots of space for both cars and bicycles.


  • Authentic Montessori approach to learning. Our nursery was founded on the principles of Dr Maria Montessori.

  • We encourage children of all ages to understand the importance of caring for themselves, each other and for their environment. We encourage traditional values of behaviour including kindness & respect towards others, good manners, responsibility for ones actions, tolerance & independence.

  • To provide opportunity to all children in our care.


  • A friendly and loving environment in which children feel safe and secure within themselves; to learn at their own pace supported by Montessori teachers and assistants. Promoting opportunities from which children can develop and learn with confidence.

  • Three prepared Montessori Environment from birth to age 5 (Nido, Infant Community and Children's House). Each environment prepared suitably to support children at each age and stage of development. Children are free to choose, try and do for themselves, this leads to an enormously powerful confidence building approach to learning.

  • Montessori Community – building strong relationships with families, through daily communication, events, Montessori workshops, so that information important to the well-being of children is maintained.


  • Freshly prepared meals consisting of healthy natural ingredients including super foods, free range and organic.

Our Moto

The meaning; Mentes Mirabiles Fovere

"Nurturing Wonderful Minds".

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