Our Policies

Policies and Documentation

Printed copies of our policies and procedures are freely accessible at nursery for parents to read at any time. Parents can contact the Admissions Secretary (admissions@montessoricambridge.co.uk) to request copies to take home and read.

We keep parents informed about changes to our practice and legislation.

Parents will be provided with copies to sign on the first settling session, this forms part of our induction process.

The following policies and documents are available for Download

The Following Policies and Procedures are Required by Law to Ensure the Rights and Welfare of the Child, their Families and Staff:

Health and Safety

Risk Assessment

Health & Safety General Standards

Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation

Fire Evacuation Diagram

Accidents & Incidents (including procedure for reporting to HSE, RIDDOR)

Food Hygiene (including procedure for reporting food poisoning)