Games and Fun

Have fun together and make time to laugh

Laughter will be remembered best and most of all.

  • read a funny story aloud

  • tell jokes

  • tell stories about each other (and childhood stories)

  • call grandma or grandpa and have them tell stories about their childhood (or yours)

  • forgive mistakes and laugh them off

  • chuckle at your inventions, creations, music…

Observe yourselves and take yourselves lightly.

Fun activities to create at home Link

Daily mini scavenger hunt

Each day you could create a home scavenger hunt:

  • Choose a topic and give your children a basket, bucket or pillowcase to collect items and put them in.

  • Come back together and use all your senses and imagination to explore what your children found.

Topics could include:

  • hats

  • fruit

  • baked goods

  • shoes

  • tools

  • clothing

  • vehicles

  • wooden items

  • metal items

  • woolly items

  • things that float

  • things that make loud noises

  • things that roll

  • objects that are blue

  • objects that have stripes

Mystery Bag

This is a simple game to help your children use their hands to develop their stereognostic sense (creating pictures in the mind without using our eyes!).

  • Find a bag and put a few varied items in, e.g. spoon, hairbrush, pencil, sponge.

  • Name each item before you place it inside the bag

  • Close your eyes and feel inside the bag

  • Choose an item you can feel and say what you think it is

  • Take it out and see if you're correct!

  • Leave the item outside the bag and feel inside for the next item

You can take turns feeling, guessing and checking each object. Then put those items away and choose a few new items to put in the bag.

You could add a variation by getting pairs of objects, e.g. 2 pegs, 2 hairbands, 2 forks. Feel inside the bag for one item, name it, then feel inside again for its matching pair.

Play games that have been put away in a cupboard until now

You may be amazed what can be learned about money, resource management, justice, logic, problem solving, reading, maths, democracy… and especially what can be learned about each other by playing games.

Play board games and the old childhood games that are disappearing: Hide ‘n Seek, Sardines, 4 square, Tag games, Kick the Can, Capture the Flag, Hop Scotch, Jump Rope & Double Dutch, Jacks, Marbles, Mother May I, Red Light/Green Light, Spud, Cat’s Cradle, Musical Chairs, Hot & Cold, Battleship, Tic-tac-toe, Slap Hands, Catch, Blind Man’s Bluff, Marco Polo…

Observe and relish your play.