Life sized animals in your home Link

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The best nature App, ever

I just discovered this nature app. All you do is take a picture of something in nature, an insect, bird or animal and then it gives you options for things it could be. Hours of fun exploring random plants and weeds! Link

Bird Songs Link

Move together in nature

  • Go for a run, bike ride, walk.

  • Explore woods and forests instead of playgrounds

  • Walk the dog.

  • Build a fort or secret land.

Enjoy the change in seasons

  • Watch and listen to the returning birds

  • Feel, smell, explore tree buds, blossoms and leaves

  • Take weather readings and predict the weather

  • Move your bodies, walk with your breath. (NB: ‘phenology’ is the scientific study of seasonal change).

  • Observe and remember your adventures.

Nature activities

Seed Germination

• Plant seeds of flowers or vegetables in peat pots/yogurt containers, or directly in the ground.

• Have the children water what they have planted daily and observe the growth process.

• (Zinnias and cosmos are flowers that germinate quickly)

Leaf Washing

• Take a sponge and cut it into a diamond shape. The child wets it and gently wipes the leaves of plants in the house.

• For floor plants the child simply goes to the plant, and smaller ones, you can help the child bring it down to their level to do it.

Water Plants

• Use a watering can to water the plants and outdoor garden daily. (can be a part of a routine that is constructed).

More ideas from the woodland trust Link