Our Values

Our values, aims and ambitions can be summed up by our moto 'Mentes Mirabiles Fovere' - Nurturing Wonderful Minds. The idea that educators, carers and parents act together with a sense of shared purpose, focused towards the development of the child during the important early years of life.

Our Montessori environments provide a stimulating spectrum of learning experiences centre around the child, their interests and pace of development, that aims to challenge their curiosity and nurture a joy of learning from an early age. The Montessori approach benefits children of all backgrounds and stages of development and aims to prepare them for the challenges ahead by nurturing confidence and laying strong foundations for later learning.

Our Montessori teachers and assistants gently guide children through their first years, helping them to be kind and considerate to others by focusing on behaviour which in turn leads to learning and happy confident children.